The Founder’s Words

Since Global Esprit Inc. was established, we focused on the research, development, design, and manufacture of swimming goggles. And we have cooperated with various international brands to develop the global market. In 40 years of hard work, we have been a benchmark in the swimming industry, and owned an outstanding reputation.

In recent years, it has been affected by the epidemic, war, and geopolitical disturbances.The global supply chain is rapidly reorganizing, and a new look of the global economic and trade map has taken shape.

As a result, Global Esprit Inc. has once again ushered in an opportunity for transformation. Based on core technology, combined with cutting-edge information and digital technology, it is closely connected with end consumers all over the world to provide convenience. High-quality service will be regarded as a milestone in opening up new bureaus.

We are courage to innovate and explore the unknowing futures, keep pace with the times and strive for perfection.
And this is the motto of Global Esprit Inc. Looking back on the 40-year development process, we have experienced the period of foundation, growing, maturity, and now is the stage of the continuous innovation. We were experienced many difficulties at each stage, but also gained from countless setbacks, just like bricks and tiles piled up to form a solid fortress, it has become the deep foundation for the sustainable development of Global Esprit Inc.
It is hoped that we will never forget our initial intention and continue to move forward, just like a plum blossom blooming in the cold, with fragrance every season.

Global Esprit Inc.


Founders: Herman Chiang, Kelly Yu